The Basics of Astrology

When you are born, drawing your first breath, a pattern of energy is inhaled, or imprinted into the limbic system of your brain, much like a download in a computer. This system predisposes one to have certain preferences, traits and timetables for development. In this respect we are like many others and totally unique. Each 4-minute time interval creates a pattern so unique, that it will be roughly 26,000 years before it replicates exactly. Our chart contains all twelve signs and 10 planets. The signs are the archetypes of our natural expression, and the planets are the energy releasing through them. Our chart looks at our persona, relationships with others, mental habits, career, family, attitudes about money, and our creativity. All of our potential is reflected, as well as the areas where we are naturally challenged.

This fact explains why it is necessary to have a chart consultation rather than read a simple horoscope in the newspaper, magazine or online. Astrology is best used as a tool of consciousness and planning, rather than a predictive tool which relies on fate and often limits our choices, due to a belief we have no control of our destiny. When used properly, astrology can seem to be prophetic, or psychic. Nothing could be farther from the truth, since astrology is an artful science.

Nan Hall Linke is also known as an insightful interpreter of dreams, having taught dream work and leading dream interpretation groups for over 25 years.

Nan's unique perspective resulted from a series of severe traumatic life experiences, which have provided her with many tools for transformation of deep wounds.

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